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Updates for FloppyTron & Sampleso

We made some improvements and fixed various bugs for both FloppyTron & Synthophone.

  • FloppyTron 1.4
  • Synthophone 1.2

You can download those update here:

Note: Please note that those are updates only, You still need the full library installed on you computer

FloppyTron Expansion Released

We saved some of our greatest FloppyTron presets for this essential expansion.

The amazing part about the this floppytron Expansion is that every single preset is so usable. So, by adding in this expansion to your instrument, you’ll have a huge variety of go-to sounds.

This pack includes 50 New Presets.

'FloppyTron' Expansion Pack v.1

We are going to release our first 'Floppytron' Expansion preset packs which will include 50 amazing new presets.

FloppyTron Update 1.3

  • Meld function direction fixed.
  • various bugs were fixed.

Sampleso Forum Is now Live

Sampleso Forum Is now Live:

The FloppyTron In Now Available To Purchase

We are thrilled to announce that our latest library, FloppyTron is out now! Check out the product page for audio demos and videos:

Get it now for a special introductory price for a limited time

Getting Ready for 'FloppyTron' Release

We are so excited to announce that tomorrow we are going to release our 'FloppyTron' Library.

FloppyTron Beta Was Just Released

Our new beta version for 'FloppyTron' kontakt library was released for the beta team.

Few bugs was fixed on the sythophone

Few bugs was fixed on the synthophone

No published changelogs yet.

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